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Pete Simonelli

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Le 29 septembre à 18h30
Le 29  septembre à 18h30

Librairie-Galerie Histoire de l’Œil

Durée : 1h

Entrée libre

Lecture de poèmes de et par Pete Simonelli, chanteur du groupe Enablers.

The Reader

So many nights now
he wilts,
boiling from inside.
But so goes the in extremis of a young heart.
A spiel-less future will tell him
he should’ve known her. But time,
despite the hostilities of 5am
(despite time itself),
will continue to unspool
shadowy little windows on still more
failures to come.
Chin up, lover boy.
The skies await you again, post-
Haste. See. Don’t yearn so much.
The clouds you and mama used to find
animals and other such cunning in
are all blown realms
and stalled explosions.
Even so, the reader rarely would’ve noticed
such a pained statement in his former city.
He would’ve scoffed at it, quietly,
having known too many of the hers to whom
that sidewalk makes plea.
But the new city, where a sympathetic vantage bears itself
so easily and freely in the reader’s new mind,
makes him stop, knowing love well now,
but life much less so,
as the buildings dream on the Fourth,
like explosions worried back to life across the skyline,
as vast and conflicted as a language looking back.

Pete Simonelli

En partenariat avec le GRIM

Photo : © Samuel Gratacap

Pete Simonelli
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